Improve efficiency, increase productivity, and reduce costs


Anyone who wishes to master the current and future challenges, such as lack of skilled craftspeople, the energy change and remaining competitive, needs digital processes and innovative plate processing. At CUTTING WORLD we offer all these solutions from a single source.

Digitalisation solutions from Messer Cutting Systems network machines and systems. So metalworking companies can operate their production ever faster and more focussed with the aid of relevant information in real time. “Our modern solutions extend from creating quotations, nesting plans and production planning right up to material handling, monitoring production and process analysis,” says Dr. Roger Kilian-Kehr, CDO Messer Cutting Systems. “Digitalisation of your production will make you more productive, more economical, and faster to reach decisions across your entire value added chain.”

Innovative solutions are also required in the field of laser cutting: Whether fast increasing laser powers, different beam forms or even new cutting gasses – the modern laser machine must be able to keep up with all these trends. With respect to the increasing lack of skilled staff, automated processes are also decisively significant. “Our new laser machine, the ELEMENT 400 L, scores with its high dynamics and the latest laser technology” explains Ingo Staudinger, Product Manager, Laser and Material Handling. “Even XXL-sheets can be processed economically by it. Thanks to the deep integration of our OmniFab software in the new Global Connect control, the machine operator always has the production data digitally on view and is guided through all production steps practically intuitively.” The combination of various features and powerful software ensures maximum productivity and performance. Thus the ELEMENT 400 L becomes a seamless total solution for metal processing in just a few steps.

As technology leaders for thermal cutting systems, we work continuously on new, intelligent, and reliable solutions with added value for our customers. We look forward to a dialogue with you! Agree an appointment today!

Picture 1: The ELEMENT 400 L: most modern laser technology for maximum productivity and quality.

Picture 2: The bevel cutting head Bevel-U, developed especially for the laser process, enables bevel in material from -50° to +50°. With its unique design the Bevel-U is perfectly suitable…

Picture 3: ... for the production of precise and repetitively consistent bevel parts – a big advantage in edge preparation for automated robot welding

Picture 4: Digitalisation: Discover our digital information and process technology combined with intelligent automation solutions.


Messer Cutting Systems è un fornitore globale di tecnologia di taglio. L'azienda offre prodotti e servizi per l'industria metallurgica che stabiliscono gli standard in tutto il mondo. In qualità di pioniere del settore, il costruttore di macchine Messer, fornisce soluzioni complete e si concentra strategicamente sulla consulenza ai propri clienti e innovazioni orientate al cliente. L'attenzione è rivolta alla digitalizzazione dei processi e dei prodotti. Con oltre 800 dipendenti, l'azienda è rappresentata in 5 sedi principali con siti di produzione e in più di 50 paesi.
La gamma di prodotti comprende sistemi di taglio automatico, al plasma e laser, dalle macchine portatili alle macchine speciali per la costruzione navale, nonché macchine e sistemi per la saldatura, il taglio, la saldatura e il riscaldo manuale. I ricambi, le riparazioni, la modernizzazione, la manutenzione e l'assistenza, nonché la tecnologia ambientale per i sistemi completano la gamma dei servizi offerti. Le soluzioni software interne ottimizzano i processi aziendali e di produzione. La gamma di prodotti è integrata da soluzioni estrene dei nostri partner tecnologici, come nel campo dell'automazione. 
Il dialogo intenso con i clienti è fondamentale: il moderno centro di formazione rende chiaro questa ambizione. In tutto il mondo, Messer Cutting Systems è il partner per i sistemi di taglio e per la consulenza ai clienti.